Stories and lessons learned, or not learned, from a 4,000km bike ride

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In June 2019, I set out with my fiancé to cycle from England to our wedding in Crete.

When I initially suggested the idea to Matt, we were living in Malaysia and didn’t own bikes. We also hadn’t heard of panniers, didn’t know how to pump up tires (I know, ridiculous!), and didn’t have a clue about planning a wedding online. He said I was crazy.

I remember the night before we left. We fell into bed exhausted after spending hours, days, debating what to pack and what to leave behind. Should we really have removed most of the first aid kit to squeeze in more of my mum’s flapjack? Were we physically capable of cycling over the Alps? And could I trust the Greek postal system to deliver my wedding dress on time? The rain lashed against the bedroom window and I once again lamented having left my raincoat at Matt’s gran’s house the week before.

Cycling to Our Wedding! is my debut travel memoir documenting the whole shebang: How I convinced Matt to bike tour across Europe, what the fears were behind our smiles, and what motivated us to keep on pedalling.

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In the meantime, scroll through some of the photos below to get an overview of the countries we cycled through, and pop across to the Blog page if you’d like to read about some of our past and current adventures.

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The road connecting south Croatia with Montenegro